Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Age 7 is the magic number for an orthodontic check-up

Many parents assume they must wait until their child has all of his or her permanent teeth to see Dr. Poggio for a consultation, only to discover treatment would have been much easier if started earlier. Did you know the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have an orthodontic check-up no later than age seven?

That’s right—seven.

Ok, so what’s so great about age seven, you ask? Enough permanent teeth have arrived for us to make a determination about whether any problems are present. The first molars have come in, providing an opportunity to check for malocclusion, or “bad bite.” Also, the incisors have begun to come in, and problems such as crowding, deep bites and open bites can be detected.

Orthodontic evaluation at an early age provides one of two positive outcomes: For some, early identification or problems will lead to easier or shorter orthodontic treatment in the future. For others, a healthy prognosis will provide immediate peace of mind.

Early evaluation, of course, may signal a need for early treatment. For some children, early treatment can prevent physical and emotional trauma. Aside from spurring on years of harmful teasing, misaligned teeth are also prone to injury and are detrimental to good oral hygiene. So, if your child is nearing his or her seventh birthday, give us a call at Otay Lakes Orthodontics in Chula Vista, CA to schedule an appointment.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrities get braces, too!

Did you know that back in 2002, Tom Cruise had braces? During this time, he was 40 years old and filmed Minority Report, Austin Powers in Goldmember and the Last Samurai. Check out his smile in Jerry Maguire, Rain Man or The Firm and compare to the post-braces Tom Cruise in Valkyrie or Tropic Thunder. The fact is, movie stars need to look their best for the silver screen, and it wouldn't be possible without orthodontists like Dr. Poggio.

In fact, lots of Hollywood stars have had orthodontic treatment. Check out this slideshow of famous faces with braces. If you’ve thought about getting the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, please give Otay Lakes Orthodontics a call today!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Distinguishing the myths and facts about orthodontics, from Otay Lakes Orthodontics

Trust us when we say Dr. Poggio and our staff know there are quite a few myths about orthodontics (and orthodontists) floating around these days. But before you buy into those myths, we think you should get the facts! Our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists set the record straight (no pun intended) and have provided some information that sheds some light on the myths and facts of orthodontics. We encourage you to check them out today!

If you have any questions about orthodontics or your treatment here at Otay Lakes Orthodontics, feel free to give us a call.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Otay Lakes Orthodontics, supporting Moms for Mouth Guards

Hey, Moms! Have you signed the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge?

Here at Otay Lakes Orthodontics, we care about your pearly whites, and we want to help keep you protected from sports injuries that can be damaging to your beautiful smile. As a way of ensuring that children are using proper facial protection equipment, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontics have introduced the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge.

Dr. Poggio will tell you that mouth guards are vital to protecting your teeth from sports related injuries while participating in sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey and basketball, just to name a few. The Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge is a way for moms nationwide to make a commitment to protecting their children’s smile from facial injuries.

We’ve discussed the importance of using facial protection in the past. Today, we thought we’d invite moms to take action by visiting the Moms for Mouth Guards website and taking the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge.

Have a safe week everyone!